Wednesday, November 7, 2007

More Jake - 3 months old now

Jake's happy to be in his new crib.

Micah and Jake having brother talk.

Jake talks to the bears in his new swing.

Is it nap time yet? Big yawn.

Kelsea asleep

After a long day at the arboretum, Kelsea fell asleep in Jake's car seat and then woke up for a moment then fell back to sleep on the carpet. She really wore herself out.

Kelsea turns into frog

Kelsea turned into a frog for Halloween. She went trick or treating with her friends Kristina and Carson.
Jake was a wild west cowboy for his first halloween. Sorry Jake no candy this year.

Sean Turns 15 years old!

Sean turned 15 yrs. old on Halloween. He went to Knott's Halloween Haunt with 4 friends to celebrate & had a blast. We split a small cake so we (dad) wouldn't get too fat. We also had a pumpkin carving contest for FHE. From left to right is Micah's, dad's, Jared's and Sean's. Who won? Vote by clicking on the comment button and typing your selected winner.