Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A Day at the LA Zoo with Kelsea and Jake

Our first stop to see the cool looking rams.

Jake enjoyed his day at the LA Zoo sightseeing people and animals.

Kelsea walked most the day. Kelly bought a stroller with a back seat for her but she's too scared to ride in it. We had to bribe her with a new zoo toy to get her to ride for just a short distance.

Greg convincing Kelly to pose for a picture.
She'd rather take them than be in them.

Jake excited to get up close to the goat. We had to wash our hands before seeing the animals so they wouldn't get our germs. That's rediculous. Then we were not aloud to touch them. They handed us brushes to brush them instead.

Kelsea, Jake and Greg watch the huge hippo eat a whole lettuce. He eats whole watermelons too. He really needs to see the dentist. yuk.

Watch out for the crocodiles. The zoo had three baby crocs. The one below floated casually in the pool water. The other two layed out in the sun on a rock.

Kelsea's happiest moment - a children's train ride.

Do you like Jake's curl?

Kelsea watching the gorillas chase each other.

See how long her hair has grown.

At the end of the day Kelsea, Greg and Jake became an animal exibit -
The Daddy and his cubs exibit.

Kelsea's favorite animal was the crocodile. She was rewarded with a croc head on a stick toy. His jaws move up and down. Jake liked the toy too. We had a great day at the zoo while Sean and Micah went to a long scout merit badge day. But, we all were too tired at the end of the day.

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