Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving Day

Kelsea enjoys swinging from the huge pine tree in Jeri's front yard

On the front steps

Micah with his cousins, Dylan and Wyatt

Jake walking all around the yard

Dad and Jake play basketball baby style


Saturday, November 1, 2008


Micah changed into a dirty hobo.

Jake became a cute little smiling puppy.

Kelsea dressed up as a ghost bride vampire.

She enjoyed acting scary.

Kelsea putting on her vampire teeth.

She's really scary with her vampire teeth in place.

Jared and Amanda came to see their younger siblings in their halloween costumes.

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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Barcelona, Spain

September 2008

Our luxery hotel, Hotel Arts. The receptionist at the lobby told us she was giving us an upgraded room. She got a key took us to the elevator put the key in a special key hole that allowed her to push the top private floor button. Then she took us to a beautiful two story apartment with full size windows overloooking both the ocean and the city. We were in awe, a five day stay like this! Wow.
We were then welcomed with a spectacular fireworks show from the beach just a few blocks from our hotel.

Just outside the hotel.

The hotel bath, next to it was a large shower.

Overlooking the ocean from the hotel.

The city view and fresh flowers.

More view, the tree area is the zoo next to the hotel.

We could see the dolphins splashing in their pool.

The streets of Barcelona.

Inside the courthouse of an ancient Roman House.

A tapas restaurant. It poured during our lunch.

Jake eating a fancy popsicle with sour candy crumbs on the outside and sweet strawberries inside. He ate three, his, Dads and Moms.

At La Boqueria, the market.

We walked to the Barcelona Zoo, they call it the "tho".

Kissing Llamas, the animals were being very romantic that day.

Jake fell asleep riding on his Dad's shoulder at the zoo.

Our next stop, Valencia Spain. We stayed at Hotal Las Arenas on the Mediterranean Sea.

Walking on the beach.

A windy day.

Valencia was a prettier city.

The streets weren't so narrow and a river ran through.

Night life was big.

Resaurants didn't even open until 9 pm.

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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Jake's First Birthday

02 August 2008

We celebrated his birthday at Jake's favorite place, Disneyland. Jake gets to ride Autopia now that he has turned one years old but they wouldn't let him go on with out socks or shoes so Sean, who was the only one with socks on lent him his so he could go on the ride.

Waiting in line for the car rides.

Kelsea is excited to gets a driver's license.

Waiting in line for the Buzz Light Year Ride.

Jake's goes on his favorite ride, Winnie the Pooh. He gets so excited that when he sees the yellow beehive car pull up he tries to jump out of our arms to get right in on the ride.

After the ride Greg takes Jake to see the Disney fox character. As he tries to hand Jake over to the fox, Jakes gives out a big scarey scream.

After Lunch at Disneyland we went to Nona's for birthday cake. We had to wake up Jake for the cake. Nona makes the best cake.

Second cousin, Kyler is in town with his Dad, Chad and Grandma, Gaye. They stay to sing happy birthday to Jake.

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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Celebrating the 4th of July

at Pine Valley, Utah

with the extra large

extended Rummler Family.

Kelsea and her cousin Nathan

Kelsea, Jake and their Dad.


Feeding Grandpa's neighbor's goat and sheep.

Jared and Amanda arrived just in time to climb the rock tower.

Sean's getting strong working out for football.

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Steve and Barbara Rummler

celebrate 50 years of marriage.

The Big Rummler Family.

Still in love after 50 years.

The children all grown up from oldest to youngest.

Keith, Greg, Kevin, Caryn and Brent

Brothers goofing around.

Greg loves his mom.

Micah looking for the dragonfly.

The Dragonfly.

Julia leads mom and dad in a fun game.

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